Owner Dojos Page

All Dojo 3D spaces you own are displayed here - https://portal.metadojo.io/my-dojo.

When you open this page for the first time, you will be asked to input your email address.

Input your email address and click the “Sign in with Email” button.

NB. Depending on browser settings one may need first to clear cookies in order to log in. Alternatively, you can use a new browser window in Incognito mode.

Check your email and click the “Sign in” button.

When you move your mouse over a Dojo thumbnail, the “Enter 3D space” button will appear.

When you move your mouse over the gear icon on the top right corner, the “MyDojo settings” tooltip will appear. Click on the gear icon to edit Dojo settings.

MyDojo Setting Configurations

At the MyDojo settings page you can configure the following settings:

  • Your Dojo’s name (which will be displayed as Dojo page title)

  • Your Dojo’s description

You can also add administrators to your Dojo space (up to 20 administrators) by clicking the “Add admin emails” button, input their email addresses then click “Submit”. The newly added administrators can follow the same process as above to gain access.

NB: All administrators have the same rights as the Dojo owner, except that they don’t have ownership of the NFT (Dojo).

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