MetaDojo Dojo Owner User Guide

Version 1.2

Getting into the 3D Space

Once loading is completed, you’ll find yourself in one of MetaDojo’s 3D spaces.

NB: Some assets may continue to load in the background.

After the first click your cursor will be locked. To unlock it and move your mouse around the screen (and open menus) press the Esc key. After the next click at the screen your cursor will be locked again and you are now ready to start the immersive experience.

Avatar Movement Controls

Use WASD keys to move your avatar.

  • W = forward

  • A = left

  • S = backward

  • D = right

To run - hold the Shift key

To jump - press the Spacebar

To animate greetings - Press 1

To trigger dance animations - Press 2 (NB: Every press triggers a different animation)

To capture a screenshot (the same as Screenshot button, see below) - Press Shift + P

Avatar Camera

By default, the camera is in Third Person View. To switch to First Person View press the “V” key once.

Pro tip: When you are in the Third Person View and your back is close to the walls or other obstacles, the camera will shorten the distance to the avatar. It will return to the normal distance gradually after you walk for some time. Sometimes, if the space is too narrow or you are just too close to some obstacles, the camera may switch to First Person View completely. In this case in order to return to the Third Person View, just press “V”.

In the Profile tab, you are able to:

  • Input your name (which will be seen by other users in the same dojo space). You are able to change it at any time.

  • Choose an avatar. You are able to change it at any time.

  • Enter Edit mode, which allows you to upload images to the placeholders.

In the Control Tab, you are able to:

  • Tune mouse sensibility.

  • Enable or disable “Control direction by mouse”.

  • Turn on/off background music.

  • Enter the Edit Mode, which allows you to upload images to the placeholders.

Edit Mode

When you switch on the Edit Mode, you are able to edit the 2D placeholders in your Dojo. You are able to upload still images and come back to update them.

  • When you are close enough to one placeholder and the central white point is inside placeholder bounds, the placeholder borders will be highlighted.

  • Then press the “E” key to open the Image Upload Panel.

  • Press the ‘Upload button to upload images in JPG or PNG format. It will be displayed inside the placeholder depending on the image aspect ratio. NB: It is recommended not to use portrait images for landscape placeholders and vice versa, but don’t hesitate to experiment!

  • You can also add and edit Image Description and External URL to give your Dojo visitors more information on your display.

  • And don’t forget to click the Save button, or cancel the operation with the Cancel button.

While processing, all movements will be locked. After the image is successfully loaded, you will see a confirmation message and the Image Upload Panel will disappear.

When you leave the Edit Mode, you may want to check the image description and URL. To open the URL, press the “E” key. For the visitors of your Dojo, when they come close enough to the image and look at it (the central white dot should be inside the placeholder), the image description and URL will appear in the right bottom corner.

Material Customization

In every Dojo, there could be one or several materials which you are able to customize. If you are close enough to the part which can be changed, it will be highlighted and you will see the message “Update Material”.

When the part of the dojo is highlighted, press the “E” key to open the Material Panel.

Click one of the material options and wait until it is fully loaded. If you are satisfied with the result, press the Save button, or change to another material. You can always roll back to the default material by pressing the Default button.

Skybox Customization

A skybox is a 3D image of sky or space which is used around your Dojo.

In Edit Mode, go to the Space tab in the Settings Panel.

All skybox scenes have different lighting and coloring effects. Click on a Skybox preview image and wait until it is fully loaded. If you are satisfied with the result, press the Confirm button.

Text Chat

Text Chat allows you to communicate with all other Dojo Space visitors.

If you’d like to change your name in chat (which is the same as the name of your avatar), open the Settings panel (gear icon at the top right corner) and in the ‘Profile’ tab input the new name. Please note that this will be seen by other users in the same Dojo space and you are able to change it at any time.

NB. You cannot change your name when you are in Edit mode.

To write a message, click inside the text field and type a text, then press Enter or click the arrow icon at the right side of the text input field.

You can also use emoticons. The emoticons icon is located at the left side of the text input field.

Click on an emoticon and it will be pasted into the text input field.You can use emoticon tabs at the top of Emoticons panel to quickly switch between thematic emoticons sets, or perform the emoticon name search in the Search input field.

The Text Chat will have new features soon which allow even better user communication.

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